Monday, October 6, 2008


Arrived Vrindavan... just! The two very near he
ad on collisions really put a scare into my son. There are some very stupid people on the road and some very nice 
ones off the road. The first night was a feast for the senses and a feast on South Indian food (we are going back to North Indian from now on). 

The Krishna Balaram Temple was alive with energy and a rip roaring kirtan. It is so nice to see the temple and samadhi completed in white marble. The deities are so beautiful but it was the restaurant that held our attention for the longest time...LOL.

It is so hot here that any air conditioning is welcome along with a cold Limca drink. We did the Loi bazaar already and I bought some clothes so I can look that part. But, I was really funny and sad on the way back as our rick shaw walla could only have been 12 and with 3 on board ( two of which are large) it was amazing to see him do it. With the sweat pouring off him and out of breath he accepted payment of 30 rupees plus tip!

Next morning we go off on the Vrindavan parigram on Radheya's (Brad) insistence,
He takes the lead just as the sun is coming up.  A long walk but well worth the effort. Janette gave up about half way and followed us in a rickshaw. Very befitting a Gopi and a royal one at that. People here think she is from Manipor and treat her a little different. They are fascinated with Radheya being 6 foot 1 and very muscular so therefore stands out in any crowd. Me on the other hand is viewed as just a rich white guy and therefore needs constant harassment for money! If they only knew (the white guy part is true) maybe they would leave me the bloody well alone!

We got to see the monkeys, peacocks, cows, water Buffalo, stray dogs and trash everywhere. It seems so ironic that the houses
 and temples are keep clean but all the trash is swept outside and left there. The open sewers can get a little rough, they have a strong sulphur smell but the hogs seem to relish the stuff. You see them snout down into it with bum sticking up and the little squiggly tail wagging away in bliss.

We get to the Yamuna river and make an offering as is custom with a little bowl of flowers with a burning candle; see Janette (Jagat Karana) launching it on  its way. 

We sit for awhile to take in the soothing flow of the river and watch as the Monkeys play and eat and an early morning worshipper finishes his

Time for breakfast and a nap I think.
Jaya Radhey!!

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LIZ said...

HIYA GANG!! I'm so glad all three of you are having such a great time immersed in such a beautiful culture! I have been following the blog closely which only makes me more excited to hear the ENTIRE collection of stories when you return home!! The photos in this post are absolutely stunning!! I cannot WAIT to see the rest of them! I really love the photo you posted of Jagat! It's gorgeous!

I can't begin to fathom the impact that an experience this spiritual will have on someone traveling to India for the first time, however I hear there's no better way to see India for the first time than with someone who has seen its magic before! I'm sure Brad is grateful and relieved that he has two guides all to himself!! :)

Keep up the great story-telling and fabulous photography!! Tell India Namaste for me and that I will get there eventually!! Haha!

Take Care!!