Sunday, October 12, 2008


The Yamuna River is a focal point in the lives of the Vrindavan inhabitants, much as it was for those in Delhi and Agra in years past. I’m here just after the rainy season so the river is still flowing strongly. Boats cross it regularly carrying school children, pilgrims and those involved in commerce.

Its conne
ction with Krishna and his pastimes however link it to the hearts of the inhabitants and all the pilgrims who come to this holy land for spiritual substance and inspiration. The river is held in such reverence that daily worship is conducted both individually and collectively.

It is common to see individuals meditating and quietly worshiping on its banks. While in the evening hours groups gather on the steps of Keshi Gatt and worship while others upriver send little boat offerings of a burning candle nestled in flowers drifting down past those gathered.

As you sit here at dusk sharing a vantage point with the Monkeys you take in the panoram
a of ancient sandstone buildings, flicking lights drifting on the current, ladies below singing in their colorful saris and the priests twirling the big ghee lamps all in praise and thanks to Mother Yamuna… the river that flows not only though Vrindavan but more importantly through the hearts and minds of the faithful.
A when the day is done you lie down next to her as she gives off a cooling breeze and muffled whispers of a far off flute playing to sooth the soul…

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speechless said...

Wow! It all looks and sounds so breathtaking!

I am enjoying the tales of your journey so much, and can't wait to hear more when you return.

May God continue to bless your trip and keep each of you safe on those roads!

Lots of hugs,